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          Prof. Hildemann received BS, MS, and PhD degrees in environmental engineering science from the 加州 Institute of Technology. She is an author on >90 peer-reviewed publications, including two with over 1000 citations each, and another 6 with over 500 citations each. She has been honored with Young Investigator Awards from NSF and ONR, the Kenneth T. Whitby Award from the AAAR (1998), and 斯坦福's Gores Award for Teaching Excellence (2013); she also was a co-recipient of Atmospheric Environment’s Haagen-Smit Outstanding Paper Award (2001).

          She has served on advisory committees for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and for the 加州 Air Resources Board. She has been an Associate Editor for Environmental Science & Technology, and Aerosol Science and Technology, and has served on the advisory board for the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

          At 斯坦福, Prof. Hildemann is currently chair of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. She has served as an elected member of the 学院 Senate, and chaired the School of 工程 Library Committee, the University Committee on Judicial Affairs, and the University Breadth Governance Board..

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